Our tutoring programme is delivered on a monthly cycle, with regularised touch points at weekly intervals. Each month, you will get the following:


Training Module

A proprietary multiple choice test / active learning pack carefully designed to achieve our learning goals in just a 30-45 mins weekly time commitment. The online packs are designed to be fun, but at the same time, test your knowledge, train your analytical ability and desktop research skills and direct your focus on the issues which matter. Areas covered include;


  • Key topical economic, business and financial issues from the week just gone
  • Reinforcement of key themes and concepts which are critical to success in the real world (focus on the most coveted educational and career progression)
  • Regular training in problem solving and critical thinking questions often asked at interviews for top educational institutions or prestigious employers


Research Module

A hand-picked selection of topical information from the week just gone, all from publicly available sources, which should take you no more than 20 minutes to read each week. These are articles which the founders believe are most valuable to our specific audience of high calibre, ambitious student audience

In addition, Loxbridge maintains a data and statistics dashboard consisting of key data points and trends which we believe are important for our members to stay on top of. The structured weekly testing programme ensures that our members are able to draw on, understand and discuss the key insights from this dashboard. There is no point in memorising data just in itself – the value is in being able to draw meaningful conclusions from it and being able to confidently have a discussion on them with anyone


Wisdom Module

A proprietary “discussion pack” which is designed to help you formulate interesting insights and viewpoints on an important real world issue and/or tsynthesizedesised into a one hour monthly commitment. After reading and completing each pack, you will come out feeling like you have a meaningful and interesting insight on an important topic which you can use in intelligent conversation – give yourself something meaningful to say at an interview, formal meeting other group meeting.


Over the course of the year, you will have 12 really interesting topics on which you can have a meaningful discussion with anyone with confidence and clarity – ideal for making that great impression either at interview or other group environments

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