Our Philosophy

The most efficient learning is active, not passive

Being “successful” isn’t necessarily just about the time and effort you put in. The most successful people are
those who learn to use their time productively and channel time and energy to its more productive use. The
founders of Loxbridge firmly believe they owe their educational success to having refined a highly effective
method of active learning. You will be surprised by how much you can learn with short bursts of active

Information is plentiful, cheap and easily sourced. The skill is in parsing and using it effectively

In the modern world, information is everywhere and in most cases its free. In fact, this is so much so that the
skill and value is actually in being able to productively channel your efforts to the best information, and then
crucially, being able to extract value from it to further your success.

Repetition is one of the most powerful tools we have

None of us were born understanding complex concepts. ‘Cramming’ may work in getting you through an exam,
but it won’t help give you the edge you need to make an impact on your personal brand or career. We believe
in the power of systematic and sustained repetition to help make complex concepts and problem solving
techniques second nature, so that you don’t just remember them, but also understand them.

The education curriculum does not teach the skills required to differentiate yourself and succeed
in the real world

The problem for most people is that this realisation often comes when its too late or once an opportunity has
passed. Our education system places too much reliance on abstract theories and concepts, and not enough
time in teaching students the how apply these to real world events and information.

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